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Recent Food Handling Violations Reported in the Charlotte, NC Area

Violation noted: [.2609 (o)]Beef top round at 62-74 F in walk in cooler. Product put in cooler at 9am at 130 F. Product failed to reach 70 F within 2 hours and 45 F in 6 hours. 

  •  PREVENTATIVE TIP: Rapidly cool potentially hazardous foods (PHF) within two hours from 135F to 70F, and then from 70F to 41F or less

Violation noted: [.2609 (h)(m)]Prime rib hot holding at 120-126 F.

  • PREVENTATIVE TIP: Always store/transport potentially hazardous foods (PHF) at safe temperatures (hot foods at 135F or above and cold foods at 41)

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